Rokkyuu Magazine (rokkyuu) wrote in visual_darkness,
Rokkyuu Magazine

Rokkyuu Magazine is Live!

Vicious. Raw. Uncut.
Chuck your passport, and step into the VIP Room.
We bring the nefarious men of J-Rock right to your screen.

ROKKYUU is the Japanese word for the number 69.


ROKKYUU is a new online magazine for J-Rock fans everywhere. Debuting in December of 2008, ROKKYUU plans to take the scene by storm. Edgy and eclectic, vinyl-smooth and anachronistic, ROKKYUU will cover Japan's underground music scene, fashion, and culture.

And, leading up to the release of our first issue, we're going to give one lucky winner a $50 gift certificate to, a music store dedicated with songs and albums from over 200 J-rock and indies groups! How can you win? Click here to go to the Sign Up page and fill out our brief survey. Plus, you'll get a special preview of the full site a full day before the public release.

So, are you ready to Rock With Us?

We'll be covering Japanese fashion in-depth, and there will definitely be a section for you to share your favorite outfits and style tips. Stay tuned for more!
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